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As well as being a fan of scrimping, I am a fitness fanatic. I never used to be though, I always thought It'd be too expensive, too embarrassing and quite frankly, too hard. Back in 2013 I was overweight, suffering severely with anxiety and desperate to find a solution.
I decided to take up running, a free activity that I could do completely on my terms and never looked back.
Now, every month I like to set goals that help to keep me on track and keep me motivated - I thought I'd share them with you and try and incorporate ways of saving money. I plan on doing a separate blog post on keeping fit on a budget, so look out for that coming soon!

My goals for June include:

1. Maintain an exercise schedule of 3-5 days a week.
3 days is an absolute minimum for me, I always try my hardest to get active at least three times a week. I'd ideally like to be at a point where I'm exercising 5 days a week, but over the past month I've gotten really bored of my routine. To combat this boredom, I am going to try and switch it up and try new things.

2. Eat to Fuel My Workouts
In April and May I spent far too much time eating out and I think this has had a major impact on not only the food I want to eat, but I also think this is one of the reasons I've got no motivation to get my bum active! I'm going to try an up my protein and veg intake and hope the nutrition helps  top up my energy levels

3. Try more workouts at home
In an effort to both save time and money, I'm going to try and find as many free ways as possible of getting my exercise quota in. If I can maintain a regular schedule and really enjoy it, I may just cancel my gym membership.

Do you have any fitness goals for this month? How do you like to keep fit on a budget?

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