I'm Rachel, I'm a 25 year old country girl currently living in Buckinghamshire.

A year ago, I packed up my life and made the move from Cambridgeshire to Buckinghamshire to live with my fiance. Where I lived before was very rural, with no major towns for miles around. I'm now slap bang in the middle of a busy, affluent town with plenty to offer and excite me!

The first couple of months I enjoyed everything my new home had to offer me, I loved living so close to everything and it felt like I could do anything!

There was one major flaw in this... my bank balance was not happy! I didn't want to give up the fun things I had started to enjoy, but I really wanted to start saving, so Scrimping In Style began!

Scrimping in style is my way of sharing all the awesome ways I like to scrimp, whilst also enjoying the things I love. The three main things I love to save on are fashion, food and fitness.

I hope you find my blog a useful and joyful place to be!

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